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LegalPrepHelp offers a  FREE consultation. Call today to see what we can do for you!

Telephone: (951) 239-4411 Text: (951) 239-4502 LegalPrepHelp@Yahoo.Com

Legal Prep Help offers document preparation services at flat rates with no hidden fees. Our paralegals and staff do not offer legal advice; We are not attorneys. 

I provide professional assistance for court documents and other related services. I assure clients that I provide fast, efficient and professional preparation of legal documents. This is done at your direction and to your specifications. I am very affordable and knowledgeable in preparing legal forms and filing documents with the local courts and recorder’s offices in all of Southern California.



I offer assistance with all phases of a divorce, paternity, request for a restraining order, custody/support modification and QDROs. I have helped thousands of people receive positive results and compliments on how their cases are put together as well as their divorce papers. I can guide you through the entire process with attorney supervision that is included in the service fee. In the event that you need a divorce attorney for advice or to represent you in court, I can refer a family law attorney who can consult with you to quote a flat fee in the case of a limited appearance. You get the best of both worlds for a fraction of the cost!


My probate knowledge is extensive and I am well known for my experience and quality of work. I provide guardianship/conservatorship form preparation services to both law firms and the general public.  I am here to help people carry out their own case, saving them thousands of dollars. I am on board to assist throughout your probate, legal guardianship, conservatorship or a name change. 



I have over 20 years of experience in preparing revocable living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney (POA), deeds, Healthcare Directives, etc. I utilize software programs that are kept current and offer estate instructions that have been developed by attorneys to provide you with information. 

What our customers are saying

I bought a new house and wanted to protect my assets. Ana Miller did my estate package. She did an amazing job and I have referred her to others! Now I can have peace of mind that my ducks are in a row.

Marilyn G.

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Call today to see if it is something I can help you with. My knowledge and experience is vast. There's a good chance I can help or if not, refer you to someone who can!  Ana M. Miller

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